Camera Cleaning Kit How Clean Is your Kit

Camera Cleaning Kit How Clean Is your Kit

Camera cleaning kit (external only)  at only £12.49 delivery included, consists of double-sided lens cleaning pen 1 off, air blower 1 off, Premium Microfibre cloths 4 off, Lens brush 1 off and Empty spray bottle. The first two items alone are worth the cost in my opinion.

You can buy the most expensive camera, lens, filters etc, but if the front element of the lens or filter are not clean then you have degraded the image that you just captured and wasted a lot of money on your expensive gear.


Use this link below to Amazon it does not cost you any extra and helps keep this site online.

Camera Cleaning Kit for Optical Lens and Digital SLR Cameras including 1 Double Sided Lens Cleaning Pen / 1 Empty Reusable Spray Bottle / 1 Lens Brush / 1 Air Blower / 4 Premium Microfibre Cleaning Cloths - Compatible with Most Cameras including Canon Rebel EOS, Nikon, Olympus, Sony Alpha NEX, Samsung NX & Fuji DSLR

Thanks Alex


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