Do Not Panic Under Pressure

Andrew Marr

Do Not Panic Under Pressure

Do Not Panic Under Pressure - While on holidays with my family, I took the Fujifilm GFX50S, on loan from Fujifilm Australia, out to take some landscape images. I had been down to Lights Beach near Denmark on the Southern Coast of Western Australia several times before. However, I had only explored the beach on the eastern side of the carpark. It had been a gloomy day since lunch, but when I arrived at the carpark I could see a small break in the clouds, and according to the 'Pills' app on my iPhone, the sun was going to set on that break and possibly shine some clour on the bottom of the clouds. So with that in mind, I ventured off to the western side towards the where the sun was setting. After exploring around for about 20 minutes and the sun setting fast, I felt a little panicked. Two minutes till sunset and still no composition set up. As a final option, I walked back to the carpark where I had spotted a tall sand dune which would hopefully give me a scenic view over the bay. Experimenting with the GF 23mm and GF 32-64mm, I managed to find a composition and fire off a shot before the sunset, and the colour disappeared. Finally using a 0.6 Grad LEE Filter Grad and 6 stop Neutral Density filter I captured some long exposures of the scene. It's not always easy when you are shooting both stills and video for a vlog with a deadline (the sunset) and not composition, but this is a good lesson in not panicking when you're under pressure.

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