Northumberland Coast Why Bother

Lynne Luxon-Jones

Northumberland Coast Why Bother

Northumberland Coast Why Bother - For the final day I decided to head back to Cullercoates ( it was in the right direction for home as well ) & shoot the location I'd visited on the 1st day . The weather wasn't looking any better , I sat in the car for an hour watching the rain fall & the storm clouds scud across the sky. An hour before sunset I headed to the cliffs , the rain stopped, & it all came together .....What a way to finish 👌👌 Four days of non stop excitement , sea air & lots of walking finally caught up with me , my concentration started to wane & I had a battle just getting the images I so badly wanted , vlogging had to take a back seat . You've heard of "game fitness" ? well, I think my "photo fitness" needs to improve 😂

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