Peak District Sunrise

David Dixon

Peak District Sunrise

Peak District Sunrise - I visit Mam Tor before the sun rise and capture three variations of a classic view on one of the best mornings I have ever experienced!

There are of course many elements of photography, composition, depth of field, focal point, to name but a few... all of which would be inconsequential if it was not for light.

I wanted to see what effect the changing light of the morning would have when I capture a shot of “that gate” on the great ridge a short walk down from the summit of Mam Tor in the Peak District.
The images I capture in this video range from blue hour to golden hour, with the moment the sun rises, casting the first light of the day over the hills of Derbyshire, in between. Each image is different, and has it’s own qualities, and I like them all.

However, on the morning itself, there was such an incredible temperature inversion which was pushing cloud up and over the hills in such a spectacular way, I also had to capture a few other opportunistic shots! I include these towards the end of the video if you want to see them, stay tuned.

Autumn is the perfect time to visit Mam Tor for a sunrise, as the cooler nights mea temperature inversions occur more often and you will see the spectacular display that I got. It really was incredible, and I had to remind myself to take photographs and record the video instead of just standing there and admiring it as I sipped my coffee.

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