Manfrotto Tripods & Heads

Manfrotto Tripods

Manfrotto Tripods & Heads

Manfrotto tripods come in a range of sizes, colours and head variations. The combination that I use for landscape photography is the 055XPROB tripod legs and the 804RC2 head. The tripod legs are manufactured from aluminium at a weight of 3.15kg, there is a lighter variant, the Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 Carbon Fibre 3 Section Lightweight Tripod, if weight is a concern.


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The Manfrotto patented centre column features the ability to swing the centre column from the usual vertical position the a horizontal orientation without having to remove the head or disassembly of the Manfrotto tripods parts. The 055 model range has been around for more then 20 years and has been used as the main travel tripod by many photographers both professional and amateur.


The legs of the Manfrotto tripod are extended by releasing the flip lock levers that securely hold the extensions at your desired height. The hinge at the top of each leg can be independently swiveled through 88 degrees and will lock at 25, 46, 66 and 88 degrees. This I have found to be very useful when on uneven ground or in a tight space where using the tripod with the legs evenly splayed is not possible.


This tripod can be positioned very close to the ground if you use both the centre column in the horizontal position, all three legs splayed out to 88 degrees and the telescopic leg sections fully retracted. Suitable for macro photography of low subjects or when capturing a scene from close to the camera to the far distance.


All parts are available as spares should you damage anything though with normal usage this should not be necessary.


The 804RC2 head is attached to a standard 3/8in screw that protrudes from the top of the tripod. This head is ideal for landscape photography allowing precise adjustment and secure locking using the three ergonomic designed handles, one for each axis, that will fit comfortably in your hands.



closed length 77.5 cm
maximum height 190.5 cm
maximum height (with centre column down) 154 cm
minimum height 22 cm
safety payload 4 kg
weight 3.15 kg

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